May 24, 2009

Revisiting Texada

My next print is based on a sunset on Texada Island, where we spent our vacation last summer. A printout of the photo has been sitting on my desk since last fall, taunting me:

I knew I'd turn it into a reduction cut one day but I needed all this time to look at it and figure out how I'm going to handle the colours. Now, the time has come.

I've set aside what's been my primary carving material for the past year or more, Shina plywood, and am going with MDF again for this print. Oh the tough decisions we printmakers have to make!
I love working with Shina, but I just can't get some of the finer textures I'm after sometimes with it, specially in smaller print sizes. It's why I used lino for my Cohen print and why I now turn to the stack of MDF taking up space under my work area. I originally bought the MDF when I saw the amazing work Jen does with it, but I only did a couple of very basic experiments when I got a big order of Shina and the MDF took second place. I figure I haven't given it enough of a run, so this will be it.

I did a rough sketch of the main tonal areas and transferred it to the block and then cleared the border around the image. I'm a bit freaked out about the block swelling, given I'm using DS water clean-up inks, so I saturated it with mineral oil first, both before and after carving.

And, the first colour, really not much to crow about yet.

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