June 28, 2009

Colour Chemistry

Sometimes, mixing up the right colour can be a bit of a science. I have, through trial and error and after more wasted ink than I feel good about, finally figured out a method that works for me: I use a mini plastic "tublet" with a lid (dollar store special) for mixing each colour I print with. I mix just a bit more than I need for each printing and I keep the leftover ink, covered and wrapped in plastic wrap, until the next printing.

It's great for the reductions I do because it usually allows me to build each new colour from the previous one, unless the colours are really different of course. I figure it keeps my ink waste to a minimum and keeps the colours in the same "bloodline" if that makes any sense. The photo above is today's colour evolving out of last week's rusty brown: add a bit of white, a bit of violet, and a bit of burnt umber and voila:

A purplish and shadowy whatever you might call the result once it's added to the other layers already underneath it!


Jen said...

Yeah, I find color mixing very difficult. But you've done a spectacular job... the colors in your print are FABULOUS!

Jen :)

Annie B said...

Neat! I do the same, mixing a new color from a bit of the previous color to keep the colors related.