June 14, 2009

Little by Little

It must really be summer. Just last week I was thinking of working on two blocks at the same time to really put my creative time to good use and, suddenly, it seems like there's very little time for any art work. In the garden, the weeds seem to be growing exponentially virtually overnight and it's a daily battle to keep them at minimum. Then, whatever time's left over seems to go to summer social stuff. Even for two people as anti-social as R and I are, there are still places to go and people to see.

Still, I did get to printing the next colour on Sunset today.

So far, it's going really well. The MDF block is carving well and the ink is cooperating. Gotta love that.

In fact, although the printing part can sometimes be the most tedious of the whole reduction process, this time around I'm not minding it because it's going so smoothly.

1 comment:

Eraethil said...

Looking exciting so far Katka!