July 05, 2009

Texada Print Complete - Call for Champagne...

I'd probably drink some champagne tonight in celebration, if we had some in the house. We don't though, so club soda will have to stand in. Not nearly as heady but, given it's a work day tomorrow, that's probably just as well.

Hooray for Canada Day this past Wednesday. Why? Because by my logic, when a holiday falls on a Wednesday, and when you have the Friday of that week off already, there's really no sense in going to work on the Thursday after the holiday Wednesday either. Really, what's the point of going to work for one day? Might as well just take the Thursday off too, right? And that was the reasoning that netted me a five day weekend.

Boy did I love that! The weather was amazing and the days off felt like a mini vacation so we spent a lot of time strolling around different parts of the city and different parts of the ocean, mixing with the tourists. But, even with all that walking, I still found time to print. Twice.

I printed the second to last colour, a gray that initially seemed a bit blah, on Thursday:

The final colour went on today. It's amazing how much difference one colour can make.

Texada Sunset
9" x 6.5"
(edition of 12)

I am very VERY happy with the way it turned out. Is that allowed?


Amie Roman said...

You know, that final, darkest value always, to me, just makes the piece pop. And did it ever in this case. Beautiful!

Annie B said...

Yes, you're allowed to be very happy about it. It came out great!

Eraethil said...

Really great work Katka! Love the colour scheme in this. :)