July 28, 2009

Sunday's Labours, Monday's too...

Having survived Saturday night's storm, I spent yesterday morning catching up for lost carving time and getting the block ready for printing the new colour. I was looking forward to seeing how the lighter colour of the new layer would brighten things up a bit. Alas, things are rarely that simple.

I mixed my colour, inked the block, test-printed...too dark. I added more white and more transparent medium, rolled it on, test-printed...still too dark. More white, more transparent medium:

I was still too dark. It looked like cement which, most certainly, isn't what I'm going for. I told myself I'd already used up way more white than I wanted to, and that it would lighten up when it dried. But in my heart of hearts I knew, if it didn't, I'd be printing the same damn thing again this morning. Good thing I'm on vacation these next two weeks so I have some extra time.

This morning confirmed I'd have to reprint yesterday's colour. The storm of two days ago is a mere memory now and we're in the midst of what promises to be a record-breaking heat wave, so the ink is drying really well.  It didn't lighten and still looked like cement.

First though, we took the dog and ourselves to Lynn Canyon, our favorite park, to cool our feet a bit. The water was clear, cold, and wonderful. The dog swam, we waded, I took some pictures for, what else: possible future prints:

Then, back at home again, I over-printed yesterday's disappointment:

It may be OK now. In any case, it'll have to stay.

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