July 12, 2009

Printmaking Show in Windy Ladner

Yes, I do have a new print I've begun work on, if drawing out the sketch and transferring it to my block can count as "having begun". But I set aside printing today and, instead, went off to spend a bit of time in a little park in Ladner, BC where Amie Roman, of Burnishings fame among other things, was taking part in an outdoor art show put on by the Delta Council for the Arts.

Amie is both a great printmaker and a very motivated and passionate proponent of printmaking in general so her booth not only had a good display of her work, she was also set up to do a live demonstration of the how-to's of a relief print. It was a very impressive display:

Unfortunately, the weather was the one bummer. I guess, this being BC, we shouldn't be surprised to get today's cold snap after the last couple of days of sun and heat, but we were surprised anyway. Demon winds howled through the park, intermittently but at racing speed, threatening awnings and knocking over the displays of some of the other exhibitors. Amie and I shivered in our jackets and bare legs but, while I tried to think of sunnier climates she, undaunted, talked to the visitors and gave demonstrations. For that alone I have to admire her...

Weather apart though, it was a good experience and it was contagious to see Amie's enthusiasm for this mode of creative expression we both choose as our own. I tend to think of her as my "kick in the ass" because she tends to motivate me into action at odd times when, left to my own self, I'd probably just sit at home and play hermit crab.

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