August 03, 2009

Oh, the Luxury of Time

How wonderful to have a couple of weeks off and not be gone away from home this time. I've been able to work on my latest woodcut and to print pretty much every second day. On Saturday, on an impulse, I even printed at 9:30 in the evening, before we began watching our usual Saturday night movie. How industrious and intrepid of me in spite of a string of days of hellish heat.

For most of last week (until Friday anyway) Vancouver was oppressed by record-breaking temperatures: nighttime lows higher than our normal daytime highs. For four days the afternoon sun beat down full force on our little house and turned our living space into a pizza oven. Of course we don't have air conditioning. This is the coast; we're not supposed to need it. We do have ceiling fans for those warmer days but when it's over 38 C (100 F) in the house, those fans do nothing but push hot air around. And, by day two of the heat wave, there wasn't an air conditioning unit or portable fan to be had anywhere in the city. Last winter, thanks to the ridiculous amounts of snow, it was snow shovels you couldn't find anywhere; last week it was portable cooling devices.

So we did what we could to stay cool sans air conditioning. It was literally too hot to move around much, too hot to go to the beach and bake in the sun. Plus, we couldn't leave the dog shut up in the house all day anyway. Instead, R hung up tarps at the back of the house, as artfully as possible, to create a barrier and keep the sun from beating directly onto the outside walls. We set up a spray-mister where we cooled ourselves and the dog several times a day. We drank gallons of water and club soda.

And, in the mornings while the kitchen was still in shade and relatively cool, I printed. The one good thing about all the heat was that the ink's only taking a day to dry.

This is the third colour of my Water Pump:

It's very light but, in this case, it's intentional. Below is the next colour (four) :

In this image, the light green is now very difficult to discern but it is actually more visible in reality.
Finally here is the colour I printed yesterday:

I didn't roll it out onto the whole block because it's only needed in very small areas.

Three colours done in one week! I could for sure get along with less heat but Boy, could I ever get used to this type of life.

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