August 09, 2009

Finishing Up the Blue Water Pump Print

An end to our second and final week of summer holidays for this year. What a marvelous week I've had. Even with R and I taking day trips every second day, and taking time to enjoy our time off together, and even entertaining one night, I've been able to get in lots of creative time. Now, a mere three weeks after I began work on this latest print, I'm done. Three weeks to do something that, normally, would take over two months of printing only on Sundays. A wonderful treat!

Here are the last three stages.

The seventh colour began to bring things together a bit:

For the next one, the blue for the water pump, I didn't bother masking off the block at all. I knew that any ink in places where it shouldn't be (like on the bushes) would be covered by the last colour.

Finally, the last, contrasting colour:

Blue Water Pump
Image Size: 7" x 9"

Seeing the print finished I think I should have worked in some more detail. It's a bit too impressionistic. But I wanted to try doing a very loose image to see how I like it and I had a great time working on it. It'll be a sad thing to have to return to my slow pace again as I go back to the day job.
Plus, I'm not at all decided what to do next. I have some ideas but nothing concrete. Maybe that's because when it takes me two months to finish a print, I have much more time for the idea for the following one to gestate.

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