September 27, 2009

Help from an Inspiring Printmaker

Chisel in hand again, and at last, I began carving the Hummingbird Vine block and printed the first colour today. It is, however, nothing more than a faint and shapeless smudge of ink on paper at this point and not much to see so no photo yet. But, just so we're not wholly lacking in visuals, I'm posting a link to the work of another printmaker whose site I came across last week.

By Tuesday night, my block oiled and carve-ready, I still hadn't decided how to move ahead and was stuck in an internal debate over whether I should simplify my colours or keep them all and go to a more complicated two-block reduction. After about half an hour of staring at the prepped block and getting nowhere, I chose to skirt the issue for a bit and go surf the net, to look at other people's work. Escaping/procrastinating is something I do quite well but this time it paid off because that's how I ended up at Jim Meyer's woodblockart site.

Lost Lake Lodge - Jim Meyer

The concept of "life gives us what we need just when we need it (if we're open to it)" isn't new to me but it's still very cool when it actually happens. This time, the needed thing was the answer to my one block/two block dilemma and it came by way of Jim M's demonstration on two-block reduction. The demo, combined with Jim M's incredible prints, pretty much settled my debate. I got another block and oiled it, worked out a mind-map of the colour distribution between the two, and transferred my sketch over to it. Two blocks it is:

Now all I have to worry about is getting two blocks to register properly instead of just one.

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Jen said...

Thanks for the link on Jim Meyer's work... absolutely gorgeous!

Can't wait to see how your vine piece progresses. :o)