October 04, 2009

The Cost of Being Frugal

Here's the result of today's efforts. (I'm not posting any images of the gray hair I gained as a result though):

I have a real issue with wasting stuff. I'd probably make it the eleventh commandment if I had the option: Thou shalt not waste!

Because I hate wasting stuff, like perfectly good ink, for example, I had some blue ink left over (from who knows when) in one of the little tublets I use for mixing, sealed in cling wrap and waiting for the day I might need it. That day was today. Clearly, the ink's been sitting for quite some time because I had to stir it really well to get it to proper consistency, but I managed. All was good. I discarded a couple of rubbery clumps and figured I was good to go.

Except that I needed light blue for today and my saved ink was several shades darker. No matter, I thought, forever the optimist. Surely, those rubbery clumps I'd taken out already left just the right amount of ink for me to add some white and some transparent medium to and I'd have the right shade, right? Ha!

More than an hour later (mixing ink, adding more white and transparent medium, cleaning my glass inking plate and brayer and block, pulling a proof, and doing it all again and again) I was a quarter tube of white ink poorer, wracked with guilt over how much ink I wasted, but finally close to the colour I was after. Do I ever have a hard time judging how light a colour will turn out to be! I so often seem to end up with a darker shade than I want. Lesson learned today: light to dark and NOT the other way around.

Anyway, I printed from block 2 today; the white areas in the image will, if the patron saint of printmakers is on my side for this one, be filled in by areas of block 1.

Here's block 2:

Last Sunday, I used block 1 to print the sky. I've started clearing some unwanted areas but only inked up and printed from one part of the block.

I saved the ink from today, to use next week....


Jen said...

Oooh, so exciting!! Can't wait to see the next step! Looking awesome so far...

Nicola said...

Love seeing your evolving process! Also, love your Rusalka : )