November 29, 2009

The papa brayer, mama brayer, and the little wee baby brayer.

Sometimes, my printmaking efforts are like the race between the tortoise and the hare with me as the tortoise. But, today, I was the hare! In a printing leap forward, although I began the day with four colours still to go into the Hummingbird Vine print, I now have only one left. I can't complain about that!

I have, as of last night, carved both blocks down to nearly nothing and there aren't any areas that actually touch each other anymore. When I saw that, I couldn't resist the opportunity to print three of my four remaining colours all in one go. Boy was I glad to have my three little brayers! They all came in very handy today.

The colours in the images below are (left to right on the glass plate): green-black, periwinkle, and maroon.

The colours don't come through accurately in the photos because of the glare; the maroon looks more brown than it is in reality.

Here's the print as of today:

The frustrating thing is that the last piece I need to print is in the maroon I printed with today but it's on my second/other block. If I'd planned it better, the window trim and roof pieces would have ended up on the second block too but, clearly, I messed up with that one. Now, for next week, I have to haul out the press and inks, and all the rest of my printmaking paraphernalia just to print an area no bigger than 2 inches square, in a colour I printed with today already. Grrrrrr.....

It's funny how, even though I left the Czech Republic fourty years ago, old Czech proverbs still haunt me at times when I mess up somehow. Cursing myself over the last few days for the poor planning re: which of my two blocks would have what parts of the image, I could not help thinking: measure twice; cut once! I guess I haven't totally learned that lesson yet.


Annie B said...

This has been a fun one to watch. Isn't it amazing how each new color changes the balance so much? It looks great.

Eraethil said...

Lookin' good Katka! I really like that peach colour for the sky, even though I didn't think I would from your initial colour sketch. Great colour scheme!

Katka said...

Thank you both,

You're right Annie, each new colour changes things--sometimes it seems like for the worse until it all comes together in the end.

Rick, I took the picture at sunset and the sky had a really magical warm glow to it. I wanted to try capture it with the peach colour but I was a bit skeptical myself about how it would actually play out.