November 08, 2009

Translation Widget Fun

Boy did I have a good laugh this week.

Somewhere in my internet travels I came across the possibility of adding a translation widget to this blog. And, although I never, up until I came across this possibility, thought about adding such a widget, I got curious. What would my blog, translated into Czech, for example, be like? I've got a whole gang of relatives over in the CZ. Surely, their lives are just not complete without knowing what this Canadian cousin of theirs (a cousin they barely know and barely remember) is up to, right? Ok, so probably not. But still, I was intrigued about the thing so installed it. As a test.

I then scrolled through the drop-down menu until I found "Czech", clicked, and...poof...there was the blue chisel in Czech! Magic! Well, sort of.

Is there such a thing as a word collage? Because that's what the translated version of my post was: a bizarre collage of words strung together in a reasonably comprehensible way but sort of...twisted. Mostly Czech words, a spattering of English, and a Twilight Zonish mixture of both, or neither. But the most amusing part was the gender issue.

Czech, like French, or Spanish, or German etc., uses different word endings for verbs according to the gender of the one who's performing the action: the word for a guy doing something is slightly different from the word for the same thing done by a woman. In my translated post, I, the narrator, switched freely from being a man to a woman. It was wild....instant and painless sex-change. Most entertaining. Still, I chose not to keep the widget installed. My past work history as a translator wouldn't let me. Bye bye funny widget. I guess my Czech relatives, poor souls, will just have to suffer along without the chance to read this blog.

Anyway, here's this week's colour in the Hummingbird Vine print.

I'm starting to get just a little bit excited about this print now. A bit of heart flutter when I see it, hanging to dry in the kitchen.

And, BTW, the new Flexcut chisels are everything I imaged they would be. They're good in the hand and great to work with.

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