January 30, 2010

New Reduction Print Article Finished

I finally finished an article on my reduction print method.  It's been ages in the making because I never seemed to be able to collect as many pictures as I told myself I'd want for it. Now, at last, this is another thing I can cross of the to-do list.  

I've uploaded it, along with some other changes and a revised "links" page, to my website.  You can check it out here.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll have some pictures of some variations of the mandala print.


northwoods trekker said...

great tutorial for the reduction block method...you have put in a lot of work and I commend you
thanks for making this accessible

Sherrie Y said...

Katka, well done! A step-by-step is on my "to do" list, also.... you've just given me another kick in the behind to get that project underway!