March 14, 2010

Easter Print on The Way

I'm hardly alone in this, I know, but I love Saturday nights.  We ritually clean house on Saturday morning so the whole place feels fresh and, with a whole other day off still in the wings, Saturday really feels like freedom.  First a great dinner and some good wine (last night's was a marriage of Italy and France: homemade Pizza Margherita and a bottle of Longue-Dog) and then I lose myself in my own world and carve my latest block, or draw, until it's popcorn and movie time around 11:00.  We're lucky to belong to a video store with a wide selection of obscure and unusual films so movie time is often a bit of an adventure. 
Before that though, while I work, R either plays his own music or we listen to jazz.  My dad always listened to late-night jazz when I was growing up and I got used to the sounds drifting into my room as I fell asleep. I still love listening to jazz at night.  Specially when I carve.  Saturday night:  the outside world on pause, good music streaming from the internet or from the CD player, and a block to work on.  Bliss. 

Here's a picture of my work area; it's just a small corner of the bedroom but I love it here.  It's total sanctuary. 

I've got a gorgeous Annie Bissett print on the wall next to me as I work (I tried to take a picture but couldn't get past the reflection on the glass) and I like to surround myself with icons that inspire me in some way: rocks, pottery, random pictures, the KrakonoŇ° marionette I picked up in the Czech Republic eight years ago. 

KrakonoŇ° is a figure from Czech folklore dating back to the 1500s, a reclusive and elusive "old man of the mountains" said to protect and help good people and punish evil ones. There's a number of legends about him and I like the symbolism. I guess I lean toward odd guardian angels. 

Last night I began carving an Easter card I'm hoping to send out.  Normally I make traditional Czech Easter eggs but that's not going to happen this year so I've decided to take a different approach.  This is the sketch I did for the card:

And here's the same thing with some Photoshop colour added in:


It's not actually going to end up like this afterall, I changed my mind halfway through carving it but it was fun playing anyway.  I was hoping to print today but didn't finish the block yet so one more Saturday night to go.  I might just make it in time for Easter...

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northwoods trekker said...

looks like it will be a nice print Kat
my grandparents (mother's folks) were Ukrainian and would make easter eggs themselves every year using melted bee's wax applied to the egg and then immersing into liquid dyes. I have photos of me as a young lad making an easter egg but since then have forgotten how to as a mature adult.