March 31, 2010

A Life More Ordinary?

I've been, for the last couple of weeks, suffering from PODS: Post Olympic Depressive Syndrome.  This lovely little acronym was something one the people I worked with came up with to describe what so many of us have been feeling.  And it is an odd experience, to be so intensely involved with something, day in day out, for three years straight and then, poof, it's over and everyone goes their separate way.  It really is like a densely woven piece of fabric suddenly unraveling and all the separate threads getting caught up by the wind and sent flying.  There are people I've come to know, and come to know well, who I never even had a chance to say goodbye to; that's how fast it ended.  Ok, I hate goodbyes anyway but still.  Not getting to say so long to someone leaves a bit of a hole.  It's a lack of completion somehow.
This Monday was my last day at the Olympic Security unit and I've been filled with melancholy.  I've changed jobs and I've left places and people behind before so I know there's always that bit of sadness to see the end of something.  But I'm really having a hard time wrapping my mind around going back to work next week, to a completely new place where nothing I do will be even remotely connected to the Olympics.  This is no doubt compounded by the fact that this Olympics job was my one and only experience with the RCMP and I really have no idea what to expect from the standard police world. I'm sure it'll be fine, I've never had trouble getting along wherever I was and I've heard the new people I'll be working with are great, but still.  There will be no glitter.  And the glitter of working on the Olympics was huge. Tough shoes to fill as jobs go and I'm pretty sure, although I'm trying to stay optimistic, that it's not likely I'll have a job with as much glitter ever again.

In a rash and uncharacteristic move, I even bought the saccharin-cute Olympic mascot at the top of this post (the same one my workmates and I made fun of when they were first unveiled). Gotta love those iconic red mittens. I plan to stick some of the Olympic pins I've been given on it and take it with me to the next place as a little memento.
Meanwhile at home, trying to shut out the feeling of severance, I've kept on with the Easter cards.  This was Monday night, an effort to shut out the blues:

I only did a handful in the end, just in time to get them in the mail yesterday, but I was happy with the way they turned out.  I was going for a spring feel and I think I managed that.

These are some of the variations:

Now I'm taking a few days off, until next week, and I hope to slowly shed my PODS during that time.  I spent some of my overtime money on a really good set of pots and have planned several slow-to-cook and artful meals for the next few days to break those pots in.  And I've got an idea for a new print swimming around in my brain that I hope to sketch out today or tomorrow.  Feed the soul; that's what really counts.  

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