December 05, 2010

Closing Up 2010

It maybe just a little premature, with three weeks left to go before this old year is done, but I'm already, in a few odd ways, starting to roll up the carpets and close the shutters.  Figuratively speaking.  First, I finished the last print of this year.  I'm calling it Coquihalla Autumn, in honour of the Coquihalla Highway and the surrounding scenery we drove through a couple of months ago.

This is how the print looked last week, with a new layer of green:

This week I added the last three colours, in a mad race to completion before I turn to Christmas baking and card making and all the rest of the pre-Christmas mayhem.  

On the glass:

On the block:

On the print:

Coquihalla Autumn
8 x 9.5 inches
Rising Stonehenge paper & Daniel Smith water soluble inks
But, along with finishing the print, this Friday I closed the door on another project. Tomorrow morning, in my non-printmaking life, I start a brand new job.  After almost four years, three of which were spent at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics unit, I say so long to the RCMP and the boys (and girls) in red serge.  Eight months in the regular police environment(i.e. non-Olympic safety-focused) made me realize I'm not cut out for routine police work. I'm heading downtown to the Department of Justice, to a less crime-centric environment and the butterflies are beginning to stir inside my stomach already. 
A good way to end the year I think. 

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