January 16, 2011

Bumpy Beginnings to the Year's First Print

There's nothing like kicking off the new year with a bout of the stomach flu.  Thank God for all that positive spirit I entered this year with.  Indeed, no sooner did I finish updating my website, adding some of my latest work to Etsy, and begin working on my nursery rhyme block, mentally at least, than I got sideswiped by the flu bug.  As if I already didn't have little enough time to work on my prints without this past week's forced and unexpected inertia.  

Four days in bed, one rough day back at work, and three days trying to catch up. On the plus side, I was, a couple of days before I got sick, considering doing some kind of cleansing purge to balance out the effects of our over-indulging through the Christmas holidays.  No need for that now.  I'm definitely cleaned right out although I'm not sure this would have been my choice for how to go about it.  

Anyway, I was finally back at 'er last night, in a carving frenzy, determined to get the first stage of the block cleared so I could print today.  I often wonder how long it takes other people to carve their blocks.  It is, in fact, one the things I'm most curious about.  Do other people take as long as I do?  Because I tend to work slowly.  Specially when there are things like thin spider web bits to work around.  This little bit bellow, for example.  It took forever.

But I did get it all done.  At 11:00 last night and only then did we go and start watching our regular Saturday night movie, so my goal of not always throwing off my sleep schedule on weekends was, yet again, postponed until next week.

This morning we got up reasonably early, given we were up until 1:30, and headed over to Granville Island to see my Sand Dollar print, in the Malaspina member show, hanging on the wall.  High time too; today was the last day so I was glad to get a chance to finally see all the great work on display.


Then, after the show, home to print.  At last.  There's not much to see yet, as usual with the first colour down, but I'm sure pleased to see prints hanging on the drying rack again. 


Annie B said...

So sorry to hear that you were sick! Glad you're feeling better and back to carving. Yes, carving is slow for me, too. It has a contemplative quality when I'm in the flow of it, but it can also get irritating if I approach it with impatience. Which I must admit that I sometimes do :)

Sherrie Y said...

Definitely an inauspicious start to the new year... but glad to hear you're back in the swing of things. Carving (especially delicate stuff like webs, EEK!) takes a lot of time, although at the moment I'm learning to work faster for a set of 20 lino map icons! At my usual pace I'd be at it until June.

Katka said...

Thank you both so much for your input. I'm gratified to learn I'm not the only one to carve slowly.

And yes, there is definitely that meditative quality which can be both enjoyable and irritating. It's this very thing I like about relief printing although at times I feel as if should be able to move just a little faster...