February 20, 2011

The Colour of Spring

Yesterday morning I looked out the window and into our back yard and saw a sight that made my heart do a little jig.  

The snow drops have come up in the woodland part of the garden. Lots of them.  

They've probably been there for a few days already but I'm not at my most observant best on workday mornings, and it's still not fully daylight when I leave the house, so I missed them.  But yesterday, sitting down to my Saturday morning bowl of granola, there they were.  The harbingers of spring.  Nevermind that the weather people are talking about the chance of snow sometime during this next week.  Snow shmow. The snow drops are out in the woodland garden and all is well.

All is going pretty well with my printing too.  I still haven't decided what colour I'm going to use for the snails in this next print.  I've got the sketch propped up against the wall on my desk, which means I look at it at least ten times a day, and each time I look at it I change my mind.  I'm playing a game of mental ping pong but that's ok. I still have a week.  

I printed the first two colours today...nice happy spring colours:

A week of looking at the prints as they are now will also help settle the decision on the next colour.

Right now, a bigger concern is whether I'll have enough time during this coming week to clear all the parts of the block that need to be taken out before the next pass goes on. 

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