March 06, 2011

Going Dotty

Most of the time, I really enjoy carving my blocks.  I find it meditative and zen-like, sort of like counting rosary or japa mala beads or something similar, my hands busy while my mind chatters away, a hundred thoughts a minute.  And, as I've said elsewhere, I enjoy the slow "craft" of the process. I know there are printmakers who use power tools to clear their blocks and shape their images and, while I don't see anything wrong with it, I'm not sure it would be something I'd like doing.  Maybe if my prints were really big, and maybe if I had a dedicated studio where bits of block flying around wouldn't be an issue, I might have a different opinion.  For now, I'm content to sit and work slowly and silently, listening to music, trying to focus and center.  

Of course, there are those times when patience gets tested a little.  Like working around all those dots and triangle shapes on the snail bodies in this latest print:

It doesn't seem like it would be but it was a little too slow going even for me.  Still, I did finish in time to print and I added in the green today:

Now all that remains is the black.


Libby Fife said...

Those colors are really lovely. Very fresh and Spring-like. I just can't get over how precise your carving is.

Katka said...

Thank you Libby. I'm trying to keep the colours fairly basic and bold.