May 31, 2011

Surprises Good and Bad

Well I thought I'd be finished with the Rooster print this week.  So sure was I, in fact, that I was already planning where to turn next.  I have a new sketch I'm working on, and I need to draw the next image in the nursery rhyme series because all I have is thumbnails now, and I really need to update my website. But, to my surprise and slight dismay, as soon as I printed this last colour, I knew it wasn't going to end here.  

Was it Humphrey Bogart who said: It ain't over til it's over kid?  

For this last layer of the print, I abandoned the Daniel Smith inks I'd used up to now and, wanting a more translucent effect, used Georgian oil paint and printmaking medium. Also, since I needed to make the comb and tail stand out distinctly, I again went backwards and lighter.  For the most part I really like the way it turned out.  I'm not sure if it translates in the scan but, in real life, the appearance is sort of verdigris-like and I like that a lot. What I don't like is that the new layer, in being the same value as the petals, makes them look a bit lost. So now I need to, somehow, add in some shadows around the blooms without affecting the comb and tail. 

Until I deal with that issue, no work on the next nursery rhyme drawing and not much time for the sketch for my next print.  So it goes. 

Surprise number two actually came this last Friday, so earlier than the one with the rooster print, and was, though perhaps more positive, no less time-involving.  A few weeks ago I submitted three of my prints to the Open Print show at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island and found out on Friday all three were accepted.  I'm feeling pretty darn good about that of course. Absolutely I am.  But, because the gallery hours don't fit with my work schedule and I only have next weekend to deliver the framed prints, a sizable chunk of time this past weekend went to getting frames, and cutting mats, and framing, framing, framing. 

And yet, despite all this flurry of activity, the final surprise was that even with all that going on, Roland and I managed to get out to White Rock this weekend and breathe in some sea air and sunshine. 

Not a bad weekend then, really, though of course with my prints in a show, there's even more pressure to get that website update happening....


Stuart Brocklehurst said...

Congratulations on getting accepted to the Open Show. Looking at that bottom photograph I'm sure there is a print somewhere in there developing those scalloped shaped pools in the sand.

Katka said...

Thanks Stuart. Yeah, I love those scallops of water and I think there might a print in the photo too. It's hard to capture something like that in a picture but maybe the inspiration will come.

Libby Fife said...

That is sort of a lot all at once. Congratulations on being accepted in to the show. Definitely encouraging.

I do like this print and this latest layer. It must be my monitor because from my end the tail feathers look a tic darker than the leaves. But I bet it catches your eye every time:) I am sure you will devise a "fix." As always, I am amazed at your precision in carving.

Katka said...

Hi Libby. Thank you. The problem isn't the leaves, it's the petals on the flowers. But yes, a fix is in the works.