May 23, 2011

Three Little Caterpillars

A bit of celebration on order.  The caterpillars are now done:

Three little caterpillars
spinning cocoons,
will turn into butterflies
on a night in June.

And it's the Victoria Day holiday Monday.  The day when I always wonder why, after all these years, we're still celebrating the birthday of a distant and dead queen.  Not that I'm complaining.  Not at all.  The Victoria Day long weekend is probably my favourite long weekend because spring is, usually, in full bloom and the summer is still a long bright stretch ahead. 

The Victoria Day weekend is the unofficial the start of bare feet and sandals and summer dress season.  There was actually a hint of it last week already and we finally had a few consecutive days of sun and normal May weather. I skipped the gym and power-walked around the Coal Harbour stretch of the seawall three days in a row at lunch, falling in love with the city all over again:

Photo:  Images West Marketing
Vancouver, BC, Canada

There's definitely something to be said for working downtown in the summer. 

Anyway.  Along with finishing up the caterpillar print, I've now added two other colours to The Sentinel 2.  First, this dark green:

And then, going backwards, I rolled on a warm gray and over top of it, a black: 

That leaves one last colour for next week and the rest of today to get out into the garden and do some planting now long overdue. We've had such terrible weather everything's late is late this year and seedlings I'd normally have in the ground for weeks already are only going out today.  It's almost like being in Ontario again...


Stuart Brocklehurst said...

Hi Katka

Nice work, the caterpiller print has come out well.

Katka said...

Thank you Stuart!

Libby Fife said...

The caterpillar print is so charming! Very sweet and great colors too. Glad that the other print is coming along also. It has a nocturnal feel to it.

Looks like the weather may be shaping up for you. Glad to hear it. We have gray skies and rain in the forecast:(:(

Katka said...

Thanks Libby.