July 25, 2011

Pass the Wrench?

Moving steadily along, I’ve added the next colour to my latest, so far un-named, print. 


Yes, the islands have been transformed into dark uninteresting blobs but that, I hope and am fairly sure, is not their final state.  I sat on the teeter-totter about what to print first: the lighter tone for the islands, which would also add a lighter tone into the tree branches, or the darker tone for the branches.  It’s always a bit of a quandary, this reduction cut business. I went with the second option but it means I’ll have to back-track now and I’m banking on the obscuring power of white. Of course, it was only after I printed the new colour into the full edition that I realized I could have/should have masked the branches and done the islands. Hindsight.
I was lucky to get time to print at all because we have now officially embarked on this year’s summer project. We’re celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year and, in honour of this, we’re planning a short road trip reminiscent of those we took just after we were married.  Then, it was in a converted banana-coloured postal van we bought at auction for $800.  This time we’re travelling in something a little more compact.  We imported a Mitsubishi Delica from Japan in December (right-hand drive and all), 

and are in the process of turning the back of the cab into a place we can sleep. Having done the hotel and restaurant type of holiday last summer, we’re ready for something more our style.  We both prefer to camp and, given a choice, would pick a campsite among the trees over a bed in a hotel room any day.

Although I did the bulk of the work in camperizing the postal van all those years ago, this time Roland will do the hard work and I’m providing the inspiration and “wifely guidance”.   As a result, we spent a good chunk of the weekend driving around looking for fold-up mattresses and then another chunk hanging out in the van looking for and discussing different possibilities.  Next weekend, the work begins and I'm already busy figuring out where and when printing time will be...

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Libby Fife said...

Your plan sounds like a lot of fun. BTW, you must have gotten married when you were super young:) Congratulations on the anniversary.

The print is coming along nicely. I am always amazed at how much planning goes in to reduction printing so thanks for sharing.