November 14, 2011

Oh, the Wind, the Wind is Blowing...

I took an afternoon walk in the sun today and nearly froze my nose off.  The wind, clearly having just howled in from Alaska or Siberia or some such arctic place, was a physical presence with icy claws.  

What!  It's November already?!  Unbelievable.  Where did the last three weeks go?  And, not only is it November already, six Saturdays and it'll be Christmas.  Now there's a cheery notion.  It suddenly hits me that I haven't given even a single thought to Christmas cards, until now anyway, and the idea of cards fills me with dread more than anything.  In past years I think I was well on the way to carving the block for them by mid-November but this time I'm not sure I'll be making any.  I think if it were possible at all, I'd hide away in a cabin in the woods somewhere, ignore Christmas all together, and just draw and read.  And listen to Schubert and Neil Young, who are both dark enough and deep enough to fit the mood.  

I'm thinking, would my parents notice if we didn't do Christmas this year?  Hmmmm....

But I guess that's not really an option.  So, instead, I'm working on a new print and liking that well enough for now.  I'm still reliving memories of our summer travels it seems because this next print is also inspired by one of the places we stopped of my heaven on earth places. 

This is a picture of Crystal Crag, looming above Lake George just outside of Mammoth Lakes, California, and it's the inspiration for the new linocut.  I know I'm not the first person to do an artistic rendition of it, I Googled it and found quite a few paintings of it, but I didn't see any linocuts so maybe this will be the first.  I've been working on it for a couple of weeks, just didn't have much time to post about it.  But I got a good start to printing this weekend. 

Today, a day off for me, I actually even printed two colours, all in the same day, so together with the first one done yesterday, I'm moving along well:

I suppose if I can't physically remove myself and Roland into a place of immense natural beauty, I can at least go there mentally.  And if I can just keep Christmas at bay a little longer..



Libby Fife said...

What a gorgeous photo! I do like watching this process so thanks for the pics of the drawing and the initial printing.

This time of year (Christmas) is not my favorite though I do love the weather. All of the expectations associated with the holiday really get me down so I can empathize with you a bit:) I think a cave somewhere would be useful...

Katka said...

Hi Libby,

Thank you, as always for stopping by and commenting.

I think we've somehow managed to make Christmas into this huge commercial thing and I'm jaded from too many Christmases working in retail in years gone by. On top of all that, there is the issue with my parents and their slow slide into bigger and bigger dementia so even the family aspect is not what it used to be. Anyway, we all have different trials to contend with.