January 11, 2012

Welcoming New Beginnings

Well, two weeks into January and I'm still thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this year. It's true that each new day, regardless when it is, can be seen as a clean slate. But I like the symbolism of the new year stretching out unmarked ahead of me. And, while I don't necessarily think of them as "resolutions", I believe goals are important. One of my favourite phrases in the I Ching is: "it's good to have somewhere to go". To me that pretty much says it all but, because I'm one of these people who like structure, I want a road map to look at whether I'm going on a road trip or navigating life. 
Lately though, I'm starting to consider I might be just a bit too attached to the idea of order and could use some spontaneity here and there. Because while some rules are crucial to getting along in society, and some rules exist because they represent the most efficient way to do something, if rules never got broken, or boundaries stretched, there would be no innovation and we'd still be in the dark ages. 
Along those lines, one of my goals for this coming year is to be more impulsive, to listen to my instincts more, and to be less bound by the structures I've imposed upon myself in the past. I have a feeling that developing some more flexibility might not be a bad idea anyway, particularly as the world we're living in seems to become more and more volatile. Agility, in all ways, seems like a good skill to develop.
Beyond this, I'd of course like to think I'll make more time for myself and my creative pursuits this year but, without wanting to sound negative, I'm not sure that will happen. Not with the demands of family and work which, the situation with my parents being what it is, are becoming greater. So, instead, I've decided to work more on learning to accept things as they are (given that changing them is not possible without more sacrifices than I'm willing to make) and not get so resentful when things don't work out as perfectly as I want. I know it's always a matter of perspective but I don't always remember it so I'm going to work on that. And yes, on my printmaking as well and I've started on a new print so hopefully I'll have some pictures to show soon. 
For now, I hope everyone's had a wonderful and hopeful start to the new year and that the changes 2012 brings are positive ones.

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