April 11, 2012

Springing Along

Finally, after we’d all had just about enough of waking up to gloom and rain for far too long, Spring arrived in town this past weekend.  Just in time for Easter.  

I had a five day weekend and an ambitious list of stuff I hoped to accomplish but I actually managed to get through almost all of it.  Of course, getting more printmaking time than I normally do was one of my must-do’s and I got three printing sessions in. 

Here are the three new stages in my latest print: 

Two colours left to completion.  Oh boy!


Jennifer said...

Popping out of Lurkerdom to say... This is coming along wonderfully!


Libby Fife said...

I do love the process shots-sort of like a story in installments.

Glad that the Easter weather worked out:) Must have been a small miracle:):):)

Katka said...

Thank you both very much for commenting.

Lurking is ok Jen...I do my fair share of it too.

Libby, our weather is even more whacked out this year than it was a year ago.