April 22, 2012

Woodland Tales

We took the dog to his favourite park today and got a surprise.  Heading along the trail leading into the woods we ran into "Hollywood North" and found, tucked in among the trees, several fairyland style cottages.  

We didn't have the camera so these are cell phone pictures and they didn't all turn out, the exposures were wrong, but you can still get an idea.  Apparently there's going to be a feature film shot there over the next few weeks so this is all in prep and it's clearly still not done. It was actually kind of cool seeing the forest transformed into a set for a little while.  I've got to say too, it's a lot nicer to have the filming going on in the forest than on the street in front of our bedroom windows.  

Several summers ago they filmed some cheezy horror about a demented clown (what else?) on the street in front of our house for three nights.  From midnight until three in the morning.  A couple of weeks before they started, they sent around a tanned, bikini-clad cutie with a winning smile to get consent for the filming from all the people on the street.  Seriously, no one would've been able to say "no" to her once those white teeth flashed.  The guy next door was so charmed he even allowed the crew to set up their giant reflectors in his back yard. 

A few weeks later we were going to sleep under the glare of an artificial sun mounted on a crane in the neighbour's yard and, on the last night, the tear-down kept us up til dawn.  I think the guys who were loading the stuff back on the truck, parked just outside our open bedroom window, were making a game of who could throw all the metal bits into the truck from a greater distance... 

Anyway, finding the little fairy story huts in the forest today was much nicer than the demented clown time. 

Keeping along with the woodland theme, I think I finished my latest print.  I say "I think I finished" because I'm still on the fence about adding in one last bit of dark brown.  But I'll have to see how I feel about it over the next week.  In any case, now that it's done (or almost done), here's the back story.  

A few summers ago we spent a week in a rented cabin on Texeda  Island.  Our stay there already spawned two prints in the past so this latest one is the third.  I've had the photo I used as inspiration sitting on my desk for all these years, waiting for the day it would be a print.  The name, the obvious name, was pretty much settled right from the start. 

The last two colours are here:

 Driftwood Madonna
(Reduction Linocut - 8 X 9.5 inches)

I'm annoyed with myself for not making her recline more in my version; I didn't really notice it until it was too late.  But there's no way to change that now so it'll have to go down as one of those bugs.  And I guess we'll see next week if those are really the last two colours. 



Libby Fife said...

It's perfect! She is really beautiful. I like the colors as well as the abstract yet concrete quality of the figure and her surroundings. Really nice.

Now, are there honestly any other type of clowns than the demented sort?

Stuart Brocklehurst said...

Its a very nice print that has a dreamlike meditative quality about it.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful print! Colors are so harmonious. :)


Katka said...

Thank you so much for the positive feedback everyone. I felt really compelled to make this print but at the same time was unsure if it would translate well.

Your comments lead me to believe that maybe it did so thanks again.