June 12, 2012

Sort of Stalled and Sort of Stalling

Well, clearly, I’ve turned into one of those bloggers who only manage to post something with long lapses in between.  Oh, the weight of the guilt of that.  I try to remind myself of that old prayer about being granted the serenity to accept things I can’t change.  And I’ve resolved to accept that, for now, as I struggle to look after two households instead of just one, there’s less time than ever before for my printmaking.   

Spring is usually a busy time anyway, a time when the veggie garden goes in and the weeding frenzy begins.  This year, with us now looking after my parents' shopping, and laundry, and house keeping along with our own, my free time gets eroded.  My mother is now in stage 6 (of 7) of her dementia and can do almost nothing for herself and my father is probably at stage 3 or 4 so I know the time will come when Roland and I won’t be able to cope with things.  Until then, we take each day as it comes and I steal bits of time, smaller now, between work and family obligations.  And, predictably the blog suffers.

Anyway.  I began researching my next print about 6 weeks ago and am now at the point where I hope to print this coming weekend.  I’m still keeping to the religious theme of my last print, if the Driftwood Madonna print can be classified as religious.  I’ve always been fascinated by iconography, specially if there’s a folk aspect to the icon.  Also, while I have no ties to any particular organized religion, I like the idea of patron saints.  I wouldn’t mind having a couple of them watching my back right about now.  So, that in mind, I’ve decided to shoot for a series of patron saint prints.  I compiled a list, completely astounded at how many patron saints are actually out there…even saints for odd stuff like volcanic eruptions and television!   Of course, I only chose a select few, only the ones I liked the sound of. 

I’m starting with the patron saint of gardeners.  The choice seemed very timely six weeks ago when the garden was just starting to come into life and is even more relevant now, after six weeks of weather that’s more like March than May and June.  Rain, rain, rain, and cool temperatures.  The only things happy are the lettuces and garlic. The weather people are telling us this is normal for Vancouver but I’m not buying it.  Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I saw steam on my breath at the beginning of June.   

Last week I actually saw a guy wearing his woollen winter coat and the crazy part is I didn’t think he was crazy; it’s been that cold.  Hopefully, now that I’ve begun actual work on the print, the saintly patronage will kick in and the garden will be ok even with the crappy weather. 

I don’t have any pictures of my progress to show yet, I haven't had a chance to scan them, but I will by this weekend.  Honest, I will. 

For now, just so this post isn't only words, here's a picture of the rock garden from a few weeks ago.  The primroses have passed by this time, but it's still pretty. 



Sherrie York said...

I'm trying to remember that quote that goes something like "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." The garden looks beautiful, as I am sure the other people and things you're tending do, too. Happy printing.

Katka said...

Yes, I remember that quote too and it really is too true isn't it?! Thank you Sherrie.

It's sometimes hard to be objective about our own accomplishments and I often feel like I'm just a hamster in a wheel, running around but getting nowhere. But if I step back far enough, I get a sense that things are maybe ok. At the very least, at least I'm getting a workout!