September 20, 2012

Mixed Harvest

Green is the colour of my true love's lips, in the morning,
in the morning when we rise...

Or, we've discovered Green Smoothies.  Yes indeed, we're on a Green Smoothie honeymoon and have been for a couple of weeks.  It all started with the dehydrator we bought three weeks ago, after we decided that those amazing dried apple chips we picked up at our local farmers market were definitely something we could do at home and for less money.  Next thing you know, we're drying bananas, and peaches, and cantaloupe, and pears, and tomatoes, and even making kale and sweet potato chips. 

In fact, there's something drying on the racks pretty much every day and we're actually managing to even save some and not eat through it right away.  

Anyway, through my online quest for more dehydrator ideas I found my way to a number of raw vegan sites (the dehydrator being  essential to raw meal preparation) and that's where I ran into the whole Green Smoothie (smoothies made up of veggies & fruit) thing.  The concept appealed to me instantly specially since, like dried apples, whipping up a green smoothie is ridiculously easy.  I just stroll out into the garden each morning, grab a good handful of chard or romaine, toss it into the blender with some water, ice, and whatever fruit is on hand (and maybe even a piece of celery), and a minute later I've got a couple of glasses of caterpillar-green delight.  Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.  

Seriously though, bright green colour aside, they taste surprisingly good and they just feel so HEALTHY!  Plus, while it might just be the two months of almost non-stop sunshine we've been blessed with out here, finally, or it could all be psychosomatic, I think I have more energy and feel in better spirits lately, even with all the stuff going on with my parents.  So much so that I'm going to be sneaking in some more raw food into the mix here and there.  

But that's enough of that.  Onto printing news.  I've made some good progress with my latest print which is, yes, based on the blooming plant (the one in my earlier post here) in our bedroom.  It's a harvest of a different kind you might say.  I've managed to get four colours down so far over the last few weeks, even with all that food drying going on.  Here they are though you have to really squint to see the first one, it's very pale.  Just a blush really. 


I'm still on my honeymoon with the Akua inks too, totally getting into working with them.  So, for now, things are good. 


Libby Fife said...

Those colors are lovely and delicate just like that plant. That plant has a really great structure to it too doesn't it?

How great is that to walk out and chop off some kale and use it right away? And the dehydrator sure sounds interesting; appealing too.

Libby Fife said...

Hit the enter key to quickly! Glad you are feeling a little better. Every bit helps:)

Katka said...

Thanks Libby. I think the Akua inks have a lot to do with the the print being delicate. They aren't as bold as the old inks I was using.
It's one of the things I like about them.

And yes, the dehydrator is fun. Tonight I'm making crackers.