January 20, 2013

Discovering Magnitude

As I expected, I’m not doing much in the way of my own art these days.  If only to start this year off on the right foot, my new printing studio is set up and ready with press, inking plate, brayers, inks, and drying rack in place and inspirational things on the walls.  All good to go including a good selection of music to serve as backdrop.  Except we’re still struggling with clearing out the other rooms and it’s slow going so no time for me to work on any prints yet.  There’s just so much stuff to sort through, make decisions about, and then deal with.  I did prep a block yesterday, just in case, but I’m resigned to going with the flow of things for now and not stressing. I'm dealing with enough emotional baggage these days already. 

But I want to share a new (yet not new at all) artist I only discovered a couple of weeks ago who's totally inspired me.  Not just on account of his work but because his life story is so richEyvind Earle, American, 1916-2000.  So says my new wall calendar anyway.  


I found him at a Calendar Club, of all places, looking for a new art calendar to hang up at my desk at work where it reminds me that my life is more than just booking meetings and balancing spreadsheets.  It gets a bit harder to find something interesting each year because I’ve already done all the masters: Matisse, Chagal, Gustave Baumann, Georgia O’Keefe, the Group of Seven etc., and I don’t like to repeat. 

Plus there are an awful lot of ugly calendars out there too…the majority I’d say.  So the pickin's are slim sometimes.  This year I figure I struck gold.  Not only does this man’s work totally resonate with me but his life story, which I learned about here, really moved me.  His passion for his work and the dedication he brought to it, often against huge odds, are incredible.  I'm not sure I'd have the strength and focus he had under similar circumstances.  

Besides that, if I can trust the information I came across, he only produced his serigraphs when he was in his sixties if not seventies and, to a degree, reinvented himself and his work through them.  That alone would be inspiration enough yet I'm also in awe of how genuinely spiritual he was and how much of that spirituality he brought to his work and to his whole way of living.  He was, as I see it, a giant.

So, although I myself am not creating right now, I'm trying to keep in touch with the creative vibes of others.  Maybe, when I actually do sit down to work on another print, I can channel some of Eyvind Earl’s spirit.  


Libby Fife said...

I just discovered Earle myself recently through Pinterest. His work is just wonderful. I've looked at some of his oil paintings and I can't believe that he worked so precisely. Really dramatic work too.

Stay inspired and keep chugging along. Glad you got your studio set up:)

Katka said...

Synchronicity. Thank you Libby.