April 07, 2013

Waterlily Mandala

 Oh boy!  It really has been nearly three months since my last post.  I didn't plan to let so much time slip by but then no one ever does do they?  It would seem that time flies even when you're not having fun.  

I'm still spending huge slices of my free time downstairs, dealing with the things left behind by my parents.  It's very slow going but we have made progress; we've sorted and taken away boxes and boxes of stuff, we've scrubbed, we've painted, we've moved furniture around and put in some new things.  We now have a room where we can, once again and for the first time in years, play music to volume without disturbing anyone.  Three weeks ago, on Saturday night, we went downstairs and turned down the lights and played music and danced.  Like no one was watching.  For three hours.  It felt like joy.  

But there are still shadows and I still find myself, at times, mired in depression, so weighed down by it that I don't have the energy or desire to do anything other than escape into a book or indulge in some mindless internet surfing. 

And yet I managed to begin and complete a print...the first this year and the first I printed in my new "studio".  I couldn't bring myself to blog about it and only took consolation in knowing I was actually working on something and, truly, working in the new space was wonderful. To be able to just go and print, without having to haul and set everything up and then pack and haul everything away again was marvellous and I found myself down there at all hours whenever I could grab some time: early in the morning with a cup of coffee, mid-afternoon with a cup of tea, late at night with a glass of wine.  I'm still a long way away from having as much time as I'd like to have to spend down in the studio but it's ok. I'll take what I can get.

Here's my latest print:

Waterlily Mandala
Reduction Linocut 
7.5" x 9" 
Edition of 9 
And here are the different stages it went through:


I'd like to say I'll be back soon but ....



Stuart Brocklehurst said...

Hi Katka

Very nice print, I like how you have made the edges irregular, that's giving me some ideas.

I know how you feel about not having enough studio time!

Libby Fife said...

The print is lovely-done in the colors that I have come to associate with you and your work:)

I am glad to read that you are getting downstairs more to use your new space in the way that you envisioned. It's wonderful to be able to leave your supplies and work in progress out for the next time.

Take care and keep plugging along:)

Katka said...

Thank you both, Stuart and Libby, for your comments.