October 07, 2014

Passings & Credos

 Arch, line and circle, No.2 - © Sidney Kocib

My father passed on last night.  I was with him.  

He loved colour and was flamboyant in some ways: he liked to wear a corduroy waistcoat my mother made for him that was so floral the people at the care home labelled it for my mother's closet.  But he was also an unpretentious man, uninterested in material pursuits and displays. In keeping with this, and also because most of my parents' friends and family are far away, there will be no formal service.  We will toast his life and celebrate his accomplishments in a small private way.  

But, still, I want to commemorate him somehow so here I am. A few words, his own.  The "TO" Manifesto he wrote in 1981 and strove to live by:

Contribute to the Arts' Continuity ~ Create a World of Rich Sensuality ~ Enjoy Playful Vitality ~ Celebrate the Freedom of Originality ~ Exploit Any Source of Creativity ~ Understand the Arts' Universality ~ Strive for Utmost Professionality  ~ Promote Ideas of Non-Selective Humanity ~ Employ Means of Artistic Verity ~ Appreciate Quintessential Sincerity
suspect art of easy popularity ~ reject attempts at suppressing individuality ~ fight profitable conformity ~ laugh at petrified pomposity ~ unmask all forms of quasi-ingenuity ~ forsake also formality ~ resist the temptation of cheap virtuosity ~ hate pretentious sterility ~ shun works of artistic obscenity ~ condemn vulgar superficiality
© Sidney Kocib