January 27, 2015

Finally Some New Stuff

Well it’s definitely time for something new for the new year isn’t it?  If only to confirm I’m still here, plugging away at my printmaking, sporadically as it may be.  But yes, like the cry of the Whos in Horton Hears a Who, I am here, I am here, I am here...

So what, exactly, have I been up to the last few months?  Well, for the first time in a couple of years, I got back to doing a linocut Christmas card again: 

OK, maybe my motivation was mainly driven by the desire to appease a friend who guilted me into doing the card but hey, I carved and printed a card and that’s what counts right?  And now I’m working on a new print and am pretty happy with the way it’s shaping up.  

I’m revisiting, in my mind’s eye and with the help of some photos, Texada Island. We spent a week there one summer some years back and that visit already spawned two earlier prints:  Sunset and Driftwood Madonna. This latest print is going to be, for lack of a better name, Sunset Two.  

It’s a bit of an experiment because I printed the first Sunset print in Daniel Smith inks and now I’m using Akua Colour which behaves quite differently.  So of course I’m wondering just how different the new print, side by side with the first one, will look when it’s finished. Can prints be considered as part of a theme or series even if the inks are not the same?  

Anyway, it's moving along fairly quickly, I only started printing a couple of weeks ago and I'm almost done.  Here are the first five passes:

For this last one, I was able to print two colours at once, the violet for the sky and the umber for the land. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent work! I'll make sure to follow you from now on...

Katka said...

Thank you Diego! And thank you for stopping by.

Sherrie York said...

Katka! Not sure why I'm not getting your blog in my feed anymore... I'm so glad I just popped over. Looking good!