January 17, 2016

Ok, It's Official

I suspect it's probably obvious that there's nothing going on at this end and this blog lies silently sleeping.  

But, because I myself dislike seeing blogs that just stop and it's anyone's guess why the author ever stopped posting, I want to sign off on this blog officially.

I've put my printmaking adventures aside for now and we're taking to the road.  We've decided that the house is, after all, too big for the two of us and haunted by too many memories we can't seem to shake.  We're selling and going on a quest for a new one, somewhere more rural. We've said goodbye to our jobs, bought a truck and truck camper, and will be travelling for the next couple of years.  

There will one day be another Blue Chisel Studio, in a new incarnation, but until then, thank you so much to all of you who have visited and read my stories and offered your support and encouragement for my work.  

And, if you are curious about our travels, you will be able to read about them, once we get going in a few months, here: RV Trails and Tails

All the very best.